Jacqui discovers Tina’s secret

When Jacqui asks Tina to look after baby Max for the day, Tina ends up breast-feeding him when he starts to bawl. However, Jacqui and Dom are horrified when they burst in to find Tina breast-feeding Max. Shocked, Jacqui tells Tina to get away from her baby.

Haunted by memories of killing Nige, Calvin reaches breaking point and snaps at Carmel. Warren tells Calvin to calm down and put things in perspective or he’ll ruin his career and his wedding plans. Later, Calvin is shocked when Warren reveals he needs help burying Nige’s body and the sooner they get rid of it, the better…

As Leila emerges from the cells, Justin apologises for letting her take the blame for Steve’s stolen jewellery. Leila informs Steve it’s been confiscated and she was let off with a caution. But Ste is left worrying about how they are going to find Neville’s rent money.

Gilly refuses to give the boys more time, demanding the overdue cash by the end of the day. At the Dog, Ste wins on the fruit machine, and a generous Leila pitches in with the rest. Justin thanks Leila, but she misreads the signals and launches in for a kiss, much to his horror.

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