She may be back with Tony, but Jacqui still has to sort out her sham marriage to Aleksander. She plucks up the courage to tell Davey that she can’t go through with it and is surprised when Davey takes the news well. Jubilant, she tells John-Paul the marriage is off, and makes plans to celebrate with Tony before Davey makes her an offer she can’t refuse.

Relations between John-Paul and Hannah are still frosty and John-Paul attempts to repair the damage with a chat over lunch. The couple get on like a house on fire, but, when Hannah invites John-Paul to go shopping with her, he wonders if she’s reading too much into things.

Despite Jessica still blatantly having the hots for him, Kris is too distracted by texts he’s receiving from a mystery admirer to notice. But Jessica doesn’t give up that easily and invites Kris out for a drink, although he’s worried about Jessica’s intentions and drags Zak along too.

At the bar, Zak encourages Jessica to come clean to Kris about her feelings, but she’s left fuming when Kris introduces everyone to his mystery guest – Nathan. Kris and Nathan spend the evening canoodling together, while Kris seems oblivious to Jessica’s feelings.

Also, Carmel helps Russ pick out an engagement ring for Mercedes.

*Screened on TV3, Monday April 16*