Jacqui gets a date

Jacqui decides it’s time to move on with her life but she’s secretly gutted when she learns that Tony is engaged to Cindy. Jacqui confides in Carmel, who encourages her to be more optimistic and hands over Des’s phone number. Jacqui arranges a date, but the date is cut short when Jacqui gets a tip off that Max may have been spotted in Italy.

Ravi can’t deal with his untapped aggression and he tells Ash he wants him to arrange another fight. Meanwhile, Anita notices the bruises on Leila’s arms and Leila is forced to confess that Ravi violently grabbed her. Ravi tries to make amends to his sisters but they’re wary of him. Ravi is angry when he discovers that Ash has told the fight promoters his fighting days are over and a frustrated Ash tells his brother he’s on his own.

Theresa is determined to become a glamour model and arranges a photo shoot in Manchester. Carmel worries when Theresa talks about getting a boob job and skips lunch to look good for the shoot. Carmel asks Nancy to have a word and Nancy tries to persuade Theresa to do A levels. Carmel threatens to call Buff TV and tell them that Theresa is underage but agrees to a compromise.

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