An unprepared Jacqui and Aleksander get ready for their interview with immigration. Aleksander tries to swat up on family trivia by quizzing John-Paul, but is surprised when he reveals he knows all about the arranged marriage and attempts to talk Aleksander out of it. Jacqui overhears and insists the marriage will go ahead although she’s clearly having second thoughts.

Calvin tries to persuade Louise to confess who’s responsible for her black eye, but she’s reluctant to give anything away. Warren taunts Calvin for not finding the culprit, but Louise is determined not to admit the truth. But when Warren accidentally finds out about Sean, Louise confesses that she needs to cough up £5,000 and begs him not to tell Calvin.

Nancy is feeling the strain of constantly looking after Charlie, and guilty Jake is unable to help out as he’s too busy working extra shifts at The Dog to save extra cash. Later, he gets more bad news when Nancy reveals they don’t have the money to fund his college dream.

Michaela is still chasing after Sonny, oblivious that he’s ashamed of being seen with her in front of his mates. Sonny lies that his shifty attitude is because Wayne still fancies her and he doesn’t want to double-cross him. Michaela agrees to keep their relationship under wraps.

*Screened on TV3, Wednesday April 11*