Jacqui goes over the edge

Tony is still stepping on eggshells around the cantankerous Jacqui but tells Dom he’s not ready to give up on her yet. Meanwhile, as Jacqui gets drunk in The Dog, she takes all her pent-up grief and frustration out on Carmel who retaliates. Later, vulnerable Jacqui takes Mark back to the flat. And Tony is shocked when he arrives home to find them in a compromising position.

With Niall on the loose, Carmel is constantly on edge, much to Lauren’s concern. When they arrive at the house to find the front door open, Carmel is terrified. Lauren rushes in, only to find Calvin. Feeling guilty at the state Carmel is in, Calvin takes her for a drink, but things don’t go to plan when they’re interrupted by a drunk Jacqui.

With Frankie on the verge of a breakdown, the Ashworths open up The Dog. But their first day of trading is unsuccessful due to a lack of customers. Meanwhile, Gilly is desperate to see Leila and heads over to Hannah’s traffic light party at the union hoping to find her.

Also, after a misunderstanding with a customer, Josh is barred from the pub by his dad, and new student Archie arrives in halls.

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