Already furious at Tony for his dalliance with Theresa, Jacqui is even more irate to discover he has sold Tan & Tumble and she is locked out of her own salon and gets further wound up when Mandy defends Tony. Jacqui ends up informing Theresa that they have to go to the police to get Tony arrested.

Neville decides to embrace the idea of The Jolly Roger being a gay pub and enlists Elliot to help, much to Hannah‘s frustration. Meanwhile, after overhearing a conversation between Elliot and Neville, Cindy gets suspicious and questions Hannah’s relationship with Elliot. Hannah is horrified to find her dad and Elliot dancing together and in despair, she heads round to see Archie. But she’s horrified when Archie misreads her signals and tries to kiss her.

Ash can’t quite believe it when Lauren and Anita stage a protest outside Relish. He tries to reason with them, but the girls aren’t moving. Later, Lauren contacts Newt to teach Ash a lesson, and Ash panics when Newt accuses him of selling raw burgers. With the rest of the queue quickly dispersing and Newt threatening to call environmental health, Ash is forced to give in to the girls demands to save his business.

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