Jacqui loses her baby

Tony and Jacqui struggle to come to terms with the loss of their baby with Myra concerned her daughter is in denial. After Jacqui insists she doesn’t need him, Tony convinces her to accept their baby died. But Tony has more cause to worry when doctors express further concern for Jacqui’s condition.

Craig’s plans to visit John-Paul are ruined when Jake asks him and Sarah to baby-sit Charlie for him. He and Sarah watch a film, but Sarah is puzzled when John-Paul keeps ringing Craig. After lying that he and John-Paul are discussing an important online game they are fans of, Craig is thrilled when Sarah insists he goes over to John-Paul’s to discuss it.

But Jake is furious when he returns home to find Sarah trying to comfort an agitated Charlie on her own. He storms round to John-Paul’s to rebuke Craig, and very nearly interrupts his brother and John-Paul in a steamy moment!

Strapped for cash, Jessica considers returning to work for sleazy Adam, but Zak tries to convince Jessica they can do without him as they make a good team, but Jessica has the bailiffs on her back.

Also, completely obsessed with keeping her eating habits secret, Hannah warns Gilly to back off or she will cry rape.

*Screened on TV3, Monday September 10*