Jacqui: Meet my new man!

Jacqui buys Aleksander some new clothes before taking him home to introduce him to the family. Back at home, everyone, especially Mercedes is puzzled by Jacqui’s new ‘boyfriend’. Suspicious Myra eventually agrees to let Aleksander move in – but she insists the couple sleep on the sofa…

With Tom upset that he can’t be Hollyoaks’ next top model, Max visits photoshoot organiser Krista to give her a piece of his mind. Impressed by his tenacity, she soon offers Max, OB and Tom a job – to model in a campaign focusing on gay dads.

Max accepts and breaks the news to Tom and OB, but neglects to tell them they have to pose as gay. OB is furious to learn the truth when he asks Krista out on a date and she suggests a gay bar.

Meanwhile, Amy is finding it increasingly difficult to hide the truth about baby Leah, with Sasha almost guessing the truth at school. Later at home, Kathy goes out leaving Amy in charge of the baby. But she’s furious when she returns home to discover Amy acting like a carefree teenager and ignoring Leah’s cries.

Things get worse when Kathy, Amy and Leah bump into Suzanne while out shopping, and Kathy keeps up the charade that she’s Leah’s mum, much to Suzanne’s disbelief.

*Screened on TV3 on Tuesday, April 3*