Jacqui panics over Calvin’s murder weapon

Jacqui is still trying to deal with Des’s sister when she discovers that the council plan to dig up the woods where she’s hidden the gun that killed Calvin. She has to retrieve the weapon and fast. There’s just one problem – Carmel won’t leave her side.

Anita and Ravi discover that Relish has been sprayed with racist graffiti. Michaela is thirsty for a story for The Herald and knows this would push up sales, but Ravi refuses to give the racists any satisfaction by gaining them publicity.

Anita is spooked by the attack and Michaela’s incessant questions make her even more worried. Things come to a head when a terrified Anita accuses Gaz of the crime, but Ravi catches a far more shocking graffiti artist in the act.

Also; Dave won’t give up without a fight and insists on coming to the Gay, Lesbian and Bi-Sexual night, claiming it’s discrimination not to allow him in. Reluctantly Charlotte agrees, but Dave’s not sure how to handle it when he gets to the exclusive party and meets the girl of his dreams.

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