Jacqui self destructs

Mercedes worries about tormented Jacqui’s state of mind when she dons an old jacket with large inside pockets, nicks things from Drive ‘N’ Buy and struts drunkenly through the village, swigging a bottle of stolen champagne. Neville calls the police, leaving Tony bewildered to see her being led away, muttering that she is sparing him the guilt of walking out on his childless girlfriend.

Louise worries that Warren is going back to his old ways when she spots his bruise, but is hopeful he is genuinely changing for the better when he confesses Russ punched him and he deserved it. Later, she’s thrilled when Warren gives her a fireman’s lift into II Gnosh where he has romantic champagne and rose petals waiting for her.

Jessica hates herself for it, but can’t stop herself swiping the money Russ left on the table to pay for his breakfast when Tony isn’t looking. Later, she also cons Frankie into parting with her shepherd figurines for a tenner when they are clearly worth £300 each.

Mercedes shocks Myra by telling her she was dumped by Russell because she is an easy lay. Later, in the village, Myra pleads with Russ to visit Mercedes, but is disappointed when he says he wants a clean start.