Jacqui threatens Tessie

Tony apologises to Jacqui for not telling her he has a son with Tessie, reassuring her that he doesn’t want Harry to affect their relationship. Jacqui tells Tony if Harry is going to be part of his life, she also wants to be involved. Later, Jacqui threatens Tessie, telling her not to come between her and Tony or there will be trouble.

Neville complains about Rhys using the house as a cheap hotel just as Beth arrives to bring Rhys some things Noel left in his will. With Rhys clearly still battling his feelings for Beth, Suzanne explains to Beth that Rhys is struggling with the news that Noel’s his dad.

With grieving Beth keen to discuss her dad with the family, angry Rhys tells Beth she can’t keep coming over, and that the family hate her being there. Suzanne overhears and informs him that Beth is part of the family – like it or not.

After OB tries to impress Summer, Sarah tries to convince her that OB’s a nice guy. Uninterested, Summer suggests Sarah ask him out herself.

Also, Tina enjoys her first day in her new job as careers assistant.