Theresa’s pleased that Kathleen’s still around, but Jacqui remains suspicious. Attempting to warn Theresa about her mum’s selfish ways gets Jacqui nowhere and she finally agrees to back off after listening to Theresa’s pleas. Jacqui finds Kathleen rummaging through a stack of papers and bills. Deciding to set her auntie up, Jacqui leaves a gold bracelet, knowing that the temptation will be too much for her.

Jacqui’s thrilled to see the bracelet missing when she arrives home later and is quick to tell Anita and Theresa that she suspects Kathleen. As the accusations fly, Des suggests a thorough search. He discovers the bracelet in the same spot it was last seen, and Jacqui has to apologise. Agreeing to start afresh, Jacqui’s unaware that hidden in Kathleen’s handbag is a credit card in the name of Tina Reilly…

Newt’s in trouble with Des when he’s mistakenly blamed for throwing a sandwich on the floor. Rae’s the true culprit, but fails to own up and leaves Newt to take the blame and is forced to do litter duty in the school yard.

Also; Rae approaches Newt and apologises for not owning up earlier. She tells him she’s patrolled the playing fields and a truce is forged when they walk home together.

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