Tony’s surprised when Jacqui returns to the village and asks him for more money to continue her search for Russ and Max. Jacqui finds out that Tony is seeing Cindy and she accuses Cindy of being a gold digger. Tony defends Cindy but is clearly rattled by Jacqui’s words. Tony asks Cindy if she’s only with him for his money and a guilty Cindy tries to reassure him.

Ste reluctantly agrees to move in with Mike as he realises that he can’t cope at the flat now he’s out of work. Daniel and Abi panic and worry that it will ruin their plan to get hold of Lucas. Ste gets his job back when Cindy is short-staffed and he tells Mike that he’s going to stay at the flat. Meanwhile, Daniel worries that Abi is becoming too attached to Lucas.

Steph plots to get Dom and Loretta back together and she contrives to get Loretta to Il Gnosh. When Loretta turns up Steph kisses a surprised Dom in an attempt to make Loretta jealous. Steph’s plan backfires when a horrified Loretta storms out and Dom is later gutted when Loretta kisses Darren to get her own back.

Also, Archie finds something very interesting in the Evissa flat attic…

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