Jac’s back – and Ollie feels her wrath!

When feisty Jac Naylor returns from maternity leave this week, she doesn’t exactly get a warm reception. Neurosurgeon Guy Self, who she left on bad terms, is particularly patronising and asks her if she got bored of ‘mummy time’. But the cardiothoracic consultant takes it all in her stride, eager to get on with running Darwin. Jac wastes no time in challenging the junior members of her team and unfortunately for Ollie, he gets the rough end of the stick.

Keen to prove himself, Ollie’s treating a patient with a huge tumour on his chest, which needs removing, and asks Jac to join him in surgery. She agrees but, when complications develop, Jac sends him off to fetch Guy like an errand boy! As Guy and Jac play tit-for-tat, Ollie stands up to Jac, saying Guy’s best man for this job. Has Ollie just sabotaged his own career in making an enemy of Jac – or will she be suitably impressed?

Morven learns there are many approaches to medicine when she clashes with Arthur over the treatment of a terminally ill patient. When Hanssen rules in favour of Arthur’s decision, Arthur suggests Morven will soon come round to his way of thinking. But Morven doesn’t think so – and she’s proud to be different!

Also, Dom becomes more conflicted as he starts to bond with cancer patient Lee. Could this be the start of something special?