Jac’s in a love dilemma!

Ambitious Jac is delighted when boss Hanssen reveals she’s had funding granted for a research trip to San Francisco. This is just the opportunity she’s been waiting for, but when Jonny seems unbothered by the news that she’ll be away for six weeks, she’s secretly deflated.

Preoccupied with San Francisco, Jac doesn’t take long to diagnose patient Molly Sharma with a blood clot. Concerned by Jac’s speedy diagnosis, Jonny asks Mo to take a look at Molly. When Jac walks in on Mo examining her patient, she’s furious, but soon realises that Molly actually has a tumour.

After a hectic day, Jonny asks whether they’re still on for their ‘meeting’ in the storeroom later. Although Jac is vague, she turns up, but Jonny stays to comfort Molly making him late for their tryst. Will Jac put Jonny before San Francisco?

Meanwhile, Malick finds himself head to head against Serena over a particular case, but when she gives him full responsibility for the patient, will he be able to cope with the pressure?

And when Sacha’s daughter Rachel comes in complaining of abdominal pain he’s immediately concerned. But when Chrissie discovers Rachel is missing a history exam, she thinks she’s taking advantage of her father’s good nature.