Kyle calls to thank Dane and Jade for the care package and as soon as Kyle tells her he misses them, she goes cold, cutting him off, before taking advantage of an empty house, and inviting Mal over. They soon head for the bedroom, and are very nearly caught when Dane and Rhys head back early, following a disappointing night picking up chicks!

Andrew asks Paul to help him fix Summer’s portfolio, but Paul wants Andrew to focus on his exams, not sorting out Summer’s mess. He explains he just wants to use the editing suite to edit her portfolio on the history project. Looking through the footage, Andrew is shocked when he sees the footage of Kate and Noah kissing, calling Kate straight away. He leaves her a message telling he needs to speak to her immediately.

Noah uses Sophie as an excuse to go round to Kate’s house and she’s not very happy to see him. Kate’s put in a tricky position when Noah invites Sophie to a one-off gig and Sophie begs Kate to let her go. She agrees, but Noah’s disappointed when Lou accompanies them instead of Kate. Before he leaves, Kate tells Noah never to manipulate her like that again.