Jade comforts her worried sister

Sonya breaks the news to Toadie that Callum’s great grandmother has died and Toadie knows Callum’s going to be devastated. Not knowing that Sonya has also lost her gran, Toadie is confused when she seems more upset that he expected. Callum decides he wants to go to the funeral but Sonya says she can’t go with him.

Jade comforts Sonya who’s worried she’s about to lose Callum and Toadie for good while Callum asks Toadie if his real mum will be at the funeral. Later, Callum changes his mind about going to the funeral, and asks if they can go to the park instead, to say goodbye in their own way. Sonya is relieved until he confides in her that he wants to find his real mum to tell her that he hates her.

It’s Kate’s birthday and when Lucas arrives to give her a present. Sophie is confused when Kate doesn’t invite him in. At Charlie’s, Sophie is telling Susan and Zeke what Mark got Kate and how great he is but Zeke points out that if Mark is so perfect it’s only a matter of time until Mark thinks he’s too good for her. Kate looks worried and when Mark continues to impress everyone, Kate makes it her mission to find his weakness!

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