Mark visits Lucas at the garage, asking him about motorbikes but when he gets a call from Billy about another race, he becomes distracted. With Mark gone, Lucas agrees to another race, forgetting he had promised to meet Sophie at Harold’s. This time Lucas isn’t as successful, losing Billy five hundred dollars.

Jade asks Sonya if she thinks Lucas is gambling again and warns her she shouldn’t be hanging around with him if he is. Suspicious, Jade goes to the garage but it’s shut, and when she sees mark, she starts digging. Getting nowhere, Jade takes her search further and Lucas is furious when he catches Jade with his money.

With their first radio show on PirateNet planned, Sophie and Callum discuss what they are going to do on air. When Callum winds Sophie up about her crush on Zeke, she warns him not to say anything and asks Tash to do the same.

When Tash tells Sophie she had forgotten that Callum had told her in the first place, Sophie is mad at Callum for being the one who told Tash. Callum does his best to make it up to Sophie but she won’t accept his apology. However, when Callum shows her his support over her choice of topic for the radio show, Sophie forgives him.

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