Jade does her best to act as a couple with Kyle but struggles, eventually cracking when Kyle starts making future plans for them. Despite this, Kyle remains confident that one day soon Jade will want him to look after her, but fiercely independent Jade insists it will be a cold day in hell when that happens. However, when Jade injures her foot and is told not to move for a week, she’s forced to face her worst nightmare: relying on someone else.

Michael does his best to suppress his feelings for Emilia, putting an end to her helping out at the Williams House. However, when Michael realises no one knows him like Emilia, he gives in to temptation and invites her to join him for a surf again. Her own feelings for Michael starting to be rekindled, Emilia agrees. Is this the beginning of something?

Frustrated he’ll never pay back Paul with shifts at Lassiters, Andrew decides to re-start Robinson Entertainment, hoping to make some quick cash. Andrew looks for an event to throw and Sophie suggests a gig with her favourite band. Andrew initially dismisses the idea but, when he realises it has genuine potential, he changes his mind and prepares to put on an all-ages gig, so Sophie can attend, telling her he owes her one.