Jade has a massive decision to make

Jade hopes that Kyle will change his mind about their break-up, but when she confronts him he’s as resolute as ever. She seeks solace in her sister, but Sonya urges Jade to see things from Kyle’s point of view. Realising she has a choice, Jade tells Kyle she’s decided to stay – he’s more important than her career – but when Kyle overhears her explaining her decision to Rick he calls on her to face facts. One day she’ll regret giving up the opportunity and she’ll resent him for it; she has to go back to LA.

Knowing he’s right, Jade realises their relationship is over and brings forward her departure. Kyle watches on devastated as Jade departs for the last time…

Keen to impress on a second date with Olivia, Karl prepares an elaborate lunch of several courses and a multitude of wines to match. He even borrows a blowtorch from the garage to sear his tuna! Olivia is overwhelmed by the effort he’s gone to, but not in a positive sense. She declines his offer of a further date and Karl faces the fact that he’s scared off his potential romance.