Alfie goes to meet Jade at the hospital for her last chemo session and their 10-week anniversary. He’s on his way with Ellie and Freddie when they bump into Joe, Mercedes and JJ – Ellie and Freddie are pleased that playing Cupid seems to have worked. Once Frankie’s out of the way, Alfie asks Jade to go on a walk. They go onto the hospital roof to stargaze – but Frankie soon finds them and brings them back down to Earth.

Elsewhere, as Freddie and Joe squabble over who gets to have the house to themselves, Mercedes and Ellie get fed up with waiting for the boys – and go off to The Loft together!

Meanwhile, Sienna’s decided to become frenemies with Grace to get under Trevor’s skin. Grace has to pick up a wedding present for Trevor and suggests Sienna helps out at The Loft for a few hours. As Sienna tries to kiss Trevor, he pushes her away, just as Darren and Jack turn up with Ben for his stag do. Back at his flat, Trevor has a panic attack when the TV turns itself on and the volume is on maximum. Unable to find the remote, Trevor calls Sienna, who runs to his rescue… both know they’re meant to be together. However, it turns out it’s Sienna who’s responsible for the TV stunt!