Jade is stunned to see that Troy’s back

When Jade returns from her successful trip to the city she’s stunned to hear that Troy is back in town and immediately confronts him, demanding to know why he’s back. Troy claims he’s there to be close to Callum but Jade is worried that his return will mean problems for her, too.

Later, she faces him again and insists he leave town but Troy knows how to push Jade’s buttons and just winds her up. She returns home depressed and shuts Kyle out, continuing to keep the truth from him that Troy is her abusive ex-boyfriend.

Tash is furious when she realises that Vanessa’s baking is stealing her customers from Charlie’s and plans to buy some of her cup cakes to sell at the bar. Her sob stories move Vanessa into teaching Tash how to bake the cakes, which she then sells at Charlie’s, but her plan backfires when Vanessa demands payment for her time, ingredients and expertise.

Callum blasts Rani because her father is representing Troy in his lawsuit for access and Rani vows to get her father to back out, but has Callum already damaged his relationship with his friend.