Jade learns that Rhys told the cops

Jade suddenly realises how the cops learned of Troy’s accusations – Rhys has told them! Furious, she lashes out at him and insists Kyle kick him out. Rhys seeks comfort with Vanessa when she invites him round for breakfast but he’s thrown when she sides with Jade and kicks him out too.

Later, Rhys faces Vanessa again and manages to get his point across, making Vanessa realise she’s judged him too harshly. Seeing he needs a place to stay, she invites him to sleep at her place, though manages to resist taking their romance to the next level when bedtime arrives.

Callum refuses to visit Troy despite his critical condition but encouraged by Sophie and Lucas, heads to the hospital. When he arrives, however, he can’t go in, deciding that he doesn’t want to see him, no matter what.

And Sophie struggles to help Callum through his ordeal, but when she takes Paul’s advise to just be a friend to him she’s pleased to see that’s exactly what Callum needs.