Jade recruits Kyle for the bachelor auction

Paul asks Kate and Jade to help recruit men for his bachelor auction and, along with Rhys and Karl, Jade manages to persuade Kyle to take part. She’s also determined that her friend should bid for someone and Kate agrees that it might help her move on from her crush on Kyle. But when she sees Kyle dressed up ready for auction, her feelings are reignited. Will Kate try to find herself a new man or will she make a bid for her friend’s boyfriend?

Concerned about Callum’s plan to woo Rani, Toadie offers some advice, but Callum’s attempts at interesting conversation fall flat and he returns home humiliated. Against Callum’s wishes, Toadie reveals his son’s plight to Sonya who decides to help things along by hiring Rani to work at the nursery alongside Callum. Can Callum forgive Toadie for breaking a promise and how will he handle working with his crush?