Jade scores at soccer

Jade’s snappy with Kyle and he tells her that he knows why she’s being like it, but he’s cool with her decision and would rather they were just back to normal. At Charlie’s, Rhys notices that Jade keeps smiling over at Mal, and she encourages him to ask him to play on their soccer team. During the game, in which Jade is wearing very little, she falls on top of Mal and Kyle watches on, unimpressed.

Still thinking about the memorial tree Sonya planted, Callum asks if they can also plant one for her parents as well. Later, when Callum hears about Mark’s bike being sold, he starts coming up with lots of conspiracy theories, making things difficult for Toadie. Callum can tell he’s being cagey and his interested is piqued so he gets online and starts searching for information on Mark. When he can’t find anything he prattles on about his various conspiracy theories until Sonya can’t take any more, begging him to stop, before telling him the truth.

Following a conversation with Toadie, Susan realises that she wants Karl in her life because he’s her best friend. However, when she tells Karl this, he tells her he can’t be her friend and is looking for houses in other areas.