Jade stands up to Troy

Jade is furious when she discovers that Sonya has let Callum spend time with Troy after the way he’s treated them both. Later, after Troy is banned from Charlie’s, he accuses Jade of turning Kate against him but she finds the courage to stand up to him, with Kyle’s backing. Meanwhile, Sophie and Rani realise why Callum’s been seeing Troy and, though Callum tells them to keep quiet, Sophie asks Paul’s advice as to what to do.

Later, Callum is stunned to hear the news that Troy hasn’t dropped the intervention order against Toadie as he’d promised and, realising he’s been betrayed, storms over to his biological father to confront him. Once there, however, Troy won’t let him leave…

Paul and Sophie tell Sonya the truth behind Callum’s visits to Troy and she realises her son may have walked into danger!