Jade tries to earn Sheila’s approval

Unable to change Sheila’s opinion of Jade, Kyle encourages his girlfriend to say the right things around his gran. Jade gives it a go but eventually tells Sheila that, no matter what, she loves Kyle and isn’t going anywhere. Kyle encourages Sheila to spend more time around Jade and they eventually manage to find some common ground, but it’s soon obvious to Jade that Kate is more the sort of girl that Sheila approves of.

Chris and Tash realise that with one more housemate they could afford to pay rent and the house wouldn’t need to be sold, though Aidan reminds Chris that he still needs to get his dad’s approval to move in. George eventually agrees, as long as he can check out the house. All seems to be going well until Aidan unexpectedly turns up and George questions the boys’ relationship. Scared of being rejected by his dad, Chris lies, claiming Aidan is one of Tash’s friends… a lie he later regrets.

Determined to find a rich widow to solve his money woes, Lou meets Vera and puts all his efforts into wooing her. She agrees to a date to a wedding, which Lou manages to turn into a money-spinner.