Jade wants the whole story from Kyle

Jade starts packing Kyle’s belongings but then decides she needs to know more about what happened between him and Kate. She heads over to Kyle’s yard where he’s in discussion with new client Keith and demands to know the whole story. Kyle tries to explain but Jade’s having none of it and Keith is confused, too. In the end, Kyle loses Jade and his client, and spends an uncomfortable night at the yard, while Jade cries herself to sleep.

Summer starts to feel Andrew’s still interested in her when he congratulates her on her latest article and seemingly sends her flowers. Chris tries to keep her feet on the ground but when Andrew invites her to Charlie’s for a drink her hopes soar, only to find Tash, Chris and Ed are there, too.

Meanwhile, Tash tries to fight her growing feelings for Ed by flirting heavily with Andrew in front of him, pushing Ed away and inadvertently making Summer jealous. Summer eventually has enough and confronts Andrew in front of the others, accusing him of sending mixed singles. A confused Andrew denies sending the flowers and when Summer gets home, Karl reveals the flowers were actually from Lyn…