Kyle’s bad cold is making Jade feel guilty and she confesses her confusion to her sister who makes her realise she’s still in love with him. Sonya convinces her to reach out to Kyle but when she heads to the yard she finds him talking to Kate and is immediately reminded of his betrayal.

Toadie is upset that Sonya’s insisting on a home birth but Karl convinces him it’s her decision. Meanwhile, Priya suggests a solution to Sonya – a birthing assistant who will look after mother and baby. Toadie’s fine with the idea and they interview several candidates but, when Sonya eventually chooses one, Toadie isn’t happy. The successful applicant just happens to be a very attractive man…

Ajay and Priya discover that Paul’s fence intrudes into their own garden by half a metre and, when Paul is rude to them later in the day, Ajay asks him to move it. Kate convinces him to do the right thing and gets Kyle in to do the job, but Paul isn’t one to let a good feud go and ups Ajay’s office rent.