Jade’s feeling sidelined

Marnie plans a fun day for Alfie - but makes it clear Jade's not welcome...

Alfie and Jade think they’ve discovered a comet but are deflated when the Astronomical Society reject their claims. Jade finds out about a lecture with Alfie’s hero – astronaut Helen Sharman – but Marnie purposely only buys tickets for her, Mac and Alfie, leaving Jade left out. Scorned Jade watches some footage from the charity skydive and prints a screen grab of Marnie kissing Freddie.

Meanwhile, Mac and Sally end up in a bidding war for the VW campervan and Warren’s furious when Freddie only offers him 10 per cent of the money from the sale.

Also, Mercedes is delighted when the charges are dropped after her arrest at the shop. Her mood sky-rockets when she and Joe also get engaged. However, Joanne’s set her sights on Joe… and she isn’t going to stop until she gets her man.