Sonya encourages Jade to go for things with Kyle, but Jade doesn’t know what to do, scared it will ruin their friendship. As Michelle moves her belongings in, she notices that the table is set for two and Jade has to cover up her plans for dinner with Kyle.

Sonya helps Jade choose what to wear but she can’t help Jade with how to bring up the subject of ‘them’ over dinner. The dinner goes well but just as Jade’s about to open up, Michelle comes in and kills the moment. Upset, Jade runs round to Sonya, telling her she can’t do it, it’s not her and that she’s going to ignore her feelings until they go away.

Having been left to make her own choices by her fed up dad, Tash blasts the music out as loud as possible. However, her new found independence is soon rocked when some boys from school make some not very nice comments, leaving Tash in tears, but with no one to turn to, now her dad’s washed his hands of her. Meanwhile, Michael is sat at home, upset as he looks through pictures of Tash as a baby.