Jai and Charity feel the wrath of Cain

Charity discovers just how far she has pushed Cain – and so does Jai. He’s discovered the 20,000 pounds worth of damage done to his barn conversion and he has no doubt that Cain did it. But that’s not what he tells the police. Jai tells the investigating officers that he has no idea who vandalised his property – and then he tells an angry Nikhil he will handle Cain in his own way. Charity stops Jai doing anything stupid – but then tells Cain he’s been very stupid, which he has. But he’s going to really excel in stupidity in the not-too-distant future.

Aaron thinks Chas and Jackson are dumb to push him into a night out in town, but he gives in and heads off to Hotten with Adam, Debbie and Ryan. Aaron doesn’t want to go without Jackson, but after a kiss goodbye he’s on his way.

Amy’s lucky she’s not on her way back to the children’s home after the drunken stunt she pulled during the visit from social services. She’s got bridges to build with Val and Pollard and goes looking for work in Leyla’s shop so she can make some money to buy their forgiveness.