When Jai teases Trey about his weight problem, a scuffle ensues and Miles tells them to end their feud. Trey takes this the wrong way and challenges Jai to a fight. The boys arrange it for the caravan park that night. But Pippa’s farewell dinner will be happening. If the boys fight there, they’ll be caught.

Liam’s group therapy confession inspires Belle to open up. She catches him arguing with his wife Chelsea. Liam’s distraught by Chelsea’s threat to take their son away. Rachel makes amends with Belle and Tony realises he must too.

Geoff sees Claudia crying in a ute being driven by a young guy. It’s her ex, Lachie. When Geoff receives an urgent text from Claudia, he wags school to see her. She is upset and his spontaneous kiss ignites romantic feelings. Annie covers for Geoff when Bartlett asks questions, but Pippa is quick to find out about Geoff’s whereabouts.

Pippa gets nowhere when confronting Geoff about Claudia, nor does Bartlett, who gives him detention. Annie accepts Geoff’s apology for getting her into trouble. She’s intrigued by this new Geoff who breaks rules. Geoff says he’s changed, and confesses he really likes Claudia. Little does he know, Martha saw her kissing Lachie.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday May 15*

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