Jai asks Matilda for help

Miles is still concerned about Jai’s inability to fit in to life in Summer Bay and suggests he finds a tutor to help with his school work. But after Jai takes the suggestion as an insult to his intelligence, he surprises everyone when he asks Matilda to help him catch up.

Despite Melody telling police that Axel tried to force himself on her, he denies everything. With no evidence, it’s her word against his. But just as it seems he’s going to get away with it, Melody confronts Axel at school in front of his mates, and tells him just how badly he’s damaged her. Forced to rethink, Axel goes to police to amend his statement.

Charlie makes another enemy in Roman when she overhears him discussing her with Morag. But she�s surprised to learn he understands where she�s coming from, and is given food for thought when he suggests she try thinking about things from Morag’s point of view.

Tony worries about Rachel’s reaction when he tells her he may never be able to have kids again. When Rachel finds out, she puts on a brave face, but she’s clearly shocked and disappointed. Knowing how important having children is to Rachel, Tony offers to call off the wedding.

*Showing on RTE One, Friday August 1*

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