Jai casts a suspicious eye at Megan and Nikhil

Keeping her pregnancy a secret has been no mean feat for Megan, and she’s really grateful for the support Nikhil has given her since he found out she’s carrying his brother’s child. But their close friendship is starting to raise eyebrows especially from Jai, who asks Sam if something is going on between his ex and his hated brother.

When Sam gets defensive about it, Jai realises that he’s on to something, and notices that Sam, too, has feelings for Megan. Picking up the phone to call Tanya, is he about to ruin his brother’s relationship?

Already in Rhona’s bad books for messing up an adoption interview, Rhona’s about to get way more angry with Paddy when he lets slip her drug addiction in front of the social worker! When Rhona’s asked by the authorities if she can be trusted, has Paddy now totally spoiled her chances to adopt a child?

When Laurel invites Ashley along to an AA meeting, he’s touched and happy to support his ex. But it turns out he’s double-booked and must attend an important appointment of his own.