Jai cheats on Megan with Leyla!

When Priya’s fiance Rakesh hears Jai slagging him off to David, he has a few choice words for his future brother-in-law. Annoyed, Jai goes to throw a punch at Rakesh, but it’s David who feels the full force of his anger. Feeling humiliated after his run-in with Rakesh, Jai retreats to Megan’s office where, instead of finding his girlfriend, he finds Leyla. And, let’s just say, it’s not long before they get down to business! When the deed is done, Megan turns up – will she find the pair and work out what’s been going on?

Donna’s plan to stitch up Gary has failed, so the criminal is still very much at large and Ross has no option but to meet his demands. Before he does the dodgy job though, Ross tries to get Adam on board but in doing so reveals that Finn was targeted because Gary wanted revenge on him. Will Adam tell Finn that his brother is to blame for almost getting him killed?

Harriet is still pretending she couldn’t give two hoots about Ashley after their kiss a few weeks ago. So when his new love, Carole, suggests they go away for the night, Harriet has to hide her jealousy, but how long before the mask slips and Ashley realises she wants to be with him?