Jai discovers a sex tape!

Trey glances across the room to where the video camera has recorded him and Nicole making love. Nicole gives Jai the tape with her voiceover on it, unaware of its content. Jai watches the tape and all is revealed!

Irene talks to Angelo about Lou’s murder case. There are no leads and today Donna’s contesting the will because Lou left his business to Irene. Irene notices Donna talking to a prison guard and realises that’s how the alcohol got into her cell. But there’s no proof and the guard denies it to Angelo.

Roman suggests that Aden move back into the Townhouse. Nicole wonders why Roman didn’t ask her to move back too. But with her still at school and not earning money, it isn’t an option. Aden talks to Belle about Roman’s offer, and asks her to move in with him. Irene convinces Belle that she’s all for it, Belle gladly accepts.

Geoff is living with Claudia but her stuff is strewn over the floor. Claudia wonders when Geoff will have time to look after a baby if he’s always training. Geoff struggles with the idea of fatherhood. Belle offers Geoff her room when she moves out which might give Claudia and Geoff some more space.

*Showing on RTE One, Monday July 13*

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