Jai frames Nikhil’s girlfriend

Thinking Nikhil is going to tell Jai she’s pregnant, Megan wants to get out of Emmerdale before her ex finds out she’s carrying his child. And she’s not the only one with moving on her mind.

When Jai learns Nikhil might be staying on in Emmerdale, he freaks. Wanting shot of his brother, he preys on Nik’s new girlfriend Tanya. After spiking her drink, Jai takes her back to the B&B where he puts her in bed and captures the scene on his mobile…

Broody Rhona’s maternal instincts rage off the scale when Vanessa shows her the latest photos of baby Johnny. But, having secretly cheated on her with Leo’s teaching assistant Tess, Rhona’s husband Paddy isn’t feeling up for it, and baulks when his wife goes on to bring adoption into the equation.

Robert feels the force of rejection when Aaron, his ex lover, tells him he hates him and always will.