Jai gets a final warning from Cain

Charity loves to live dangerously and she’s getting her latest thrills by winding up Cain over Jai. Now she wants Aaron to put down his greasy spanner set at the garage and get Jackson to the building site, so she and Jai can pick his brains. Cain is not happy about this, but he’s positively furious when he’s left home alone babysitting while Charity joins Declan, Ella, Jai and Nikhil for dinner at Home Farm. And Cain’s just about ready to explode when he sees Charity give Jai a kiss on the cheek after he drops her home.

Charity tells Cain it’s a purely business relationship, but she’s done such a good job of making it look like so much more that Cain hunts down Jai and tells him to stay away from Charity – or else. And Jai doesn’t have the good sense to take heed of the threat.

While Cain’s busy making threats, though, many of the villagers are preparing to say a final farewell to one of the victims of the fire.

And Diane, sad about the funeral, is further upset when Doug admits he’s seeing Hilary. Hey, she had her chance and blew it. Didn’t she?

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