Jai and Xavier take the guns they found to Martha, who decides to hand them into the police. The boys return the next day and take some pot shots. A gun jams, but the boys continue shooting. While Xavier is trying to unjam the rifle, Jai goes to remove their targets and the gun goes off, shooting Jai.

Martha catches Charlie and Hugo hugging, which fuels her belief they are a couple. She doesn’t handle it well. Hugo doesn’t understand what her problem is – she didn’t want him, so what does it matter? Martha can’t explain her feelings, and finally, after seeing Charlie and Hugo together again, she confronts him. She demands he stop seeing Charlie, she cannot handle it. He confesses he isn’t, and before he can get another word in, she kisses him.

Angelo’s investigation into the abalone racket uncovers more evidence that implicates Hugo, but Charlie isn’t convinced. She believes he’s after Hugo for personal reasons. Their unresolved tension still simmering, Charlie learns that Angelo has asked May to move in, but Angelo tells her it’s none of her business. Forced to look more closely at herself, Charlie admits to Angelo she has feelings for him, but she won’t be with him while he’s with May.

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