Jai gives generously to Charity

*Hour-long episode*

Jai likes Charity, we know that; and he’s a pretty decent boss, we know that, too. But generous? Well, not so’s you notice… until he gives Charity a sports car. They’ll be queuing from all over Yorkshire to get a job in his toffee factory now. And he might need a new secretary because ginger whinger Faye‘s not happy. Neither is Cain. And he’s positively furious when Charity tells him she’s got to go away for the night on business – with Jai.

Aaron‘s got Jackson on his mind. Flynn’s got Aaron on his mind. Oh, boys. Flynn tells Aaron to meet him in The Woolpack so they can talk. Aaron tells Jackson, who says he’ll join them. That will help put Flynn in the picture. Except Jackson’s late and Flynn, thinking he’s not coming, suggests he and Aaron go in to town. As the bus pulls in Aaron sees Jackson, but chooses to follow Flynn.

Wild child Amy chooses to follow the road to disaster, getting thrown out of a bar, and Val thinks maybe the girl is too much of a tearaway for her. Amy begs David for help and they write a list of rules that Amy will live by if Val and Pollard keep her.