*First episode*

After seeking legal advice from Rakesh, Leyla discovers she is owed double her investment if Megan wants to buy her out of their wedding planning business, Take A Vow. But how will Leyla react when ex-lover Jai offers to buy her out of the business himself? Will she take the money and run?

Home Farm is officially up for sale. When Nicola arranges an Open Day to attract potential buyers, it’s not long before a young woman Chrissie arrives to look around. But Nicola smells a rat and suspects Chrissie is a con, just there for the free booze.

So Nicola enlists the help of Katie and Andy to pose as a posh couple to intimidate Chrissie to leave. However, the locals are in for a shock when Chrissie’s fiancee arrives…and turns out to be none other than Robert Sugden!