Jai’s all fired up because he thinks he’s found someone – the mysterious man called Mark – who can lead him to Rachel and Archie. That’s great news for Jai… not so great for Charity and Declan. In fact, they need to sit down and have a drink when they hear this. If Jai tracks down Rachel he’s going to find out that Charity paid her to take the blame for the Home Fire and do a runner with his son… And he won’t like that at all.

Val doesn’t like that Diane slept with Pollard and she thinks everyone should know about how her sister betrayed her (missing out the bit about how she slept with a bloke in Portugal and contracted HIV, of course…) She also wants Pollard to act as if Diane doesn’t exist from now on. That’ll be interesting when he’s trying to get served at the bar…

Leyla has become Priya’s new BF and goes with her to the hospital for her baby scan. But Priya doesn’t think Leyla’s much of a friend when she tells the doctor that Priya’s barely eating for one, never mind two.