Jai has Rachel where he wants her (VIDEO)

The last person Rachel wanted to hear about Archie’s trip to A&E was Jai. But though she tries to prevent Jai finding out, Lisa soon lets it slip. While Sam refuses to confirm his relationship status when Lisa probes, Rachel is taken to task by furious Jai, who threatens to take her to court. Desperate, Rachel tries to talk her way out of it while Jai does his best to wind her up and cause more trouble.

Kirin learns his dad wants Vanessa to terminate their pregnancy. But the couple have decided they’re having the baby no matter what. Rakesh is furious. Carly and Leyla find out about the vet’s pregnancy, as does a stunned Moira.

The farmer can barely believe her ears when Adam admits he slept with Vanessa, when they were on a break from Kirin and Victoria, and there’s a chance he’s got the vet pregnant.