‘I’m pregnant and you’re the father’ are words that Jai has been desperate to hear – but he never wanted them to come out of Rachel’s mouth! They do, though. Jai wants Charity to have his baby, but she won’t. So, while he was having a massive, drunken sulk, he bonked Rachel – and now he has the hangover from hell to deal with. Rachel’s cure for that is a termination, which she has already booked. Well, that’s a relief! Or is it? Jai thinks so. But Rachel’s angry and tells Jai she’s only having a termination because she has to.

Megan’s angry with Robbie and no wonder! The poison dwarf gets drunk with his mates at Home Farm and then gets his hands on the keys to the gun cabinet. Katie’s horrified but Robbie enjoys winding her up. He’s usually sneaky enough to do that when no one’s around, but this time Megan sees him. She throws out his mates, forces him to apologise to Katie and then tells him she has no more time for him.

Debbie has lots of time for Chas and wants her as her chief bridesmaid. Ooooooooooh, yes! Then, at the ceremony, where they ask, ‘If anyone knows of any reason why this couple…’ etc, Chas could go on and on and on and on!