Jai kicks Cain while he’s down!

Jai is a worried man; he’s worried he’s going to prison for something he insists he didn’t do and this is making him mad – and bad and dangerous to know. The one good thing is that after a drunken row with Declan, Jai gets on his good side again and shares his worries about his future. Jai’s heading home from drinks with Declan when he sees Cain and shows the devious Dingle his dark side, kicking away one of his crutches and standing on his injured leg. That hurts! And Jai hasn’t finished. He tells Cain that if he’s going to prison it’s going to be for murder! All fired up, Jai then turns on his brother… Nikhil wants him to choose between him and Charity – and Jai shows Nikhil the door!

Cain shows Aaron the door when he turns up ready to fight Cain’s battles. Cain doesn’t want that. He doesn’t want Aaron hanging around talking tough and he tells him to leave. But Aaron’s not ready to leave well alone.

After his violent clash with Ashley, Sandy knows when to keep his mouth shut and tells Laurel nothing about it. So she has no idea just how volatile Ashley is.