Terrified for Annie, Jai clambers up onto the roof to help her, but she ends up slipping, just catching hold of the gutter. Jai manages to haul her back onto the roof, but insists on taking her to hospital when he notices a cut on her leg. As they wait for treatment, Annie explains that she just wanted Jai to understand how his reckless behaviour made her feel.

Though still convinced he’s invincible, Jai promises not to pull any more stunts, and Annie promises to keep quiet about what happened. Brought together by their ordeal, the pair finally kiss. But Irene is furious when they refuse to say what happened and bans them from seeing each other until they tell the truth.

Roman worries when he learns that Jack plans to return to work the day Martha comes out of hospital. Meanwhile, Jack is unhappy about Martha’s insistence that he return to work and dismayed at Martha’s fear that he will stop loving her when he sees her scar. Jack is later hurt when he walks in on Roman embracing Martha. He takes out his anger on Roman, letting a simple parking offence spiral out of control, which results in him arresting Roman for assault.

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