Jai makes a desperate dash for Archie

*First episode*

After receiving a photo of Archie via text message Jai follows up a lead on his missing son and meets up with a mystery man. Once there, Jai spots Archie in a car but, before he can get to him, the vehicle races off. But all is not lost. The man tells Jai that the boy’s mum, Rachel, is in trouble and needs 60k to go into rehab and once he hands over the money he can have Archie. Despite the animosity between them, Jai approaches Rakesh and asks him for the cash to get his son back.

After having graffiti aimed at Belle spray-painted on their house, Lisa decides to question Bernice about it as Lachlan quietly observes them talking. Later, when Debbie tells her how Lachlan gave Belle some grief, Zak confronts the teenager unaware that Belle is listening…

Elsewhere in the village Lawrence and Robert continue to antagonise each other and Nicola comforts Jimmy as he prepares for his vasectomy reversal.