Jai makes a life-changing decision

*Second episode*

Though Charity told Jai she was prepared to take him back despite his betrayal, he’s sent reeling when she admits it’s no longer the case. Having been unable to cope with him and Rachel openly fawning over their lovechild now their one-night stand is public knowledge, the businesswoman is throwing the towel in. And it’s up to Jai to decide what they’re to do about it…

Having seen Priya on a date, Alicia reckons she and David are well within their rights to break it to the barmaid that they’re engaged. The nervous shopkeeper tries to corner his pregnant ex in the cafe, but Priya gives him the slip. David’s frustrated but Alicia’s not about to give up. They’ll just tell her together tomorrow instead! Gulp.

Ashley’s stress bubbles over when Bob leaves the wannabe vicar in charge of the cafe. As Ashley freaks out about the interview ahead, he and rival Harriet have a very telling heart-to-heart.