Jai needs Megan in court – will she show up?

It’s Jai’s day in court but he knows that his case heavily relies on Megan showing up. She tells him that she isn’t feeling well, but will meet him at court later. However, when an angry Leyla confronts Megan, the women hurl insults at each other, neither are prepared for what happens next. And Jai is left waiting for his wife to show up…
Meanwhile, Sam’s spent the night in a van because there wasn’t any room for him at the Dingles, and Rachel fears she’s lost him for good after lashing out at him. To her relief, Sam says he will be there for her when she goes to court later on.
Now that Marlon has ended things with Laurel, Paddy tells his mate that he wants to help him moved by setting him up with a profile on a dating app. Meanwhile, Brenda’s struggling to cope in the cafe without Ruby or Bob, so she agrees to train Laurel for some part-time work, and Joanie thinks Belle has a crush on Kirin.